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Computer Tune-Up
Free Pick & Delivery
Personal or Home Office
⊕ Optimize PC performance & speed
⊕ Perform system updates
⊕ Startup & Shutdown optimization
⊕ Removal of unwanted software
⊕ Clean internal components
Value $100
Computer Set-Up
No Travel Charges
Personal or Home Office
⊕ Complete system set up one PC.
⊕ Install one application
⊕ Includes printer setup
⊕ Connect to existing internet
⊕Set-up one email account
Value $149
Free Pick & Delivery
Personal or Home Office
⊕ Remove viruses/malware/spyware
⊕ Repair OS boot errors
⊕ Install critical system updates
⊕ Verify system security applications
⊕ Test and verify overall system
Value $199
Business Services
Hourly On-Site Service
Small-Medium Business Solutions
⊕ Desktop Support
⊕ Network Managment
⊕ Network Services
⊕ Help Desk Solutions
⊕ End User Training
Value $120

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the symptoms of a Virus or Malware/Spyware?
  • Your computer is acting erratic
  • Your computer is running slower than usual
  • You keep getting weird messages or pop-ups
  • More Symptoms
  • How do I know if my Computer needs a Tune-Up?
  • It takes a long time to Boot up or Shut down
  • Some of my Programs open slower than usual
  • I keep getting messages about virtual memory
  • More Details
  • Can I add more Memory or a bigger Hard Drive and will it help my computer?
  • Most computers can accept more memory
  • Adding hard drives depends on your computer
  • More Details
  • How can I tell if I really need to get a new computer or its just time for service?
  • The cost of the upgrades or repairs to your old computer are almost as much as a new one.
  • More Details